Top 4 Best 18650 Battery Chargers

Top 4 Best 18650 Battery Chargers


18650 batteries are a kind of lithium ion battery that’s ended up being fairly prominent in recent years. They are still used mainly for power vapes as well as flashlights as for mainstream use goes, yet the market for them is spreading out as well as specialized devices that use them are coming to be a growing number of typical constantly.

If you find yourself using them, you’ll likewise wind up purchasing a charger at some point as well as you’ll swiftly recognize that there’s a lot of variations between them that could make it fairly hard to identify which one you need for your power storage space. There’s a few various aspects that enter play when you’re considering picking a charger out, however allow’s take a look at 4 of the best 18650 battery chargers and then we can talk about exactly how you can locate the appropriate one for your usage.

EBL Smart Battery Charger for 18650 AA AAA & C Size

If you’re looking for a cheap charger that won’t shed your home down, the EBL has you covered. Well, it’s a little bit more, it’s another smart charger that’ll run quickly and also shut off when you’re charged as well as can charge a variety of various battery sizes. The primary draw is certainly the affordable; nevertheless, it lacks several of the more advanced features of the others on this list.

Nitecore i2 Intellicharge Charger for 18650 AAA AA Li-Ion/NiMH Battery

The Nitecore i2 Intellicharge creates one of the very best chargers you can obtain, as well as comes in at a bargain rate to boot. It’ll hold 2 batteries as well as get them charged for you quickly with LED indication lights to let you understand exactly how far along things are. Along with the 18650’s the expandable nature of the charger will certainly permit you to bill a range of various batteries also, making it quite beneficial to have around your house.

Foxnovo F08 8-Slots Battery Charger

Several of us are a lot more serious about our batteries compared to others and also the Foxnovo F-4S is certainly exactly what you’re trying to find at the end of the day when you experience a lot of cost as well as wish to ensure that you obtain the best fee possible. The charger (see full specs) includes an LCD that displays the specific percentage the battery is charged, and it can charge practically anything. If you’re the type who locates themselves shedding with batteries, this simply may be the ticket for you.

XTAR VC4 Li-ion/Ni-MH Battery Charger


XTAR VC4 Li-ion/Ni-MH Battery Charger
XTAR VC4 Li-ion/Ni-MH Battery ChargerBuy from Amazon

The XTAR VC4 sets you back a fair bit more than a lot of chargers for the very same quantity of batteries, but it can be found in with a great deal of clever little functions that aren’t evident from a laid-back glance. Apart from the noticeable difference, the LCD screen, the charger (see complete specs) likewise is available in with a soft start which will certainly avoid pumping high present right into your battery right from the start as well as will increase the charging via three various settings in order to prolong the life of your batteries. No ifs as well as buts: this is among the most effective 18650 battery chargers for you.

Picking Your Battery Charger.

You’ll find that not all items are equal when it pertains to selecting the best 18650 battery charger.

The most essential attribute is a shut off when the battery is charged. This was the primary concern with lithium ion batteries being presented to the masses, and also as lengthy as you have that going with you the threat of anything negative happening is lessened tremendously.

Greater amp draw will certainly mean that your batteries charge much faster, A lot of these battery chargers will certainly be rated for.5 A or 1.0 A which is a significant speed. The greater the better, to a certain level, after a certain factor you’ll locate that the charger will certainly get too warm, which’s bad for your batteries. Generally, you could rely on practically any kind of charger from an excellent brand.

Hereafter comes the convenience features like indications for the charge level in the battery and also varying settings which could help to lengthen the life of your batteries. The latter isn’t obvious to a lot of us, and also can also decrease charging a little, however you’ll locate that your batteries last for a great deal even more fees if you pick one of these.

The number of ports on the battery charger depends on personal preference. Someone that simply charges their flashlight periodically will require less ports than a person that vapes regularly in a high-powered box mod, for instance.

Utilizing Your Charger.

While utilizing them is obvious, there’s a number of things you’ll have to be aware of.

The very first is that the battery chargers are directional, while this is apparently noticeable, simply make certain you get the batteries in the right way. If you do not you take the chance of fire as well as a battery discharge depending on the battery itself and the charger. While none of the ones we’ve advised should put you in danger, it is something to be aware of if you choose to go with an absolutely cheap knock-off instead of a premium charger.

The various other point is to never leave your charger neglected. There’s a lot of innovations that have actually transpired in safety and security and also the even more progressed the model the more secure you’ll find it to be, but points can still happen fairly promptly if one of the fail-safes doesn’t function appropriately. A refund for even a pricey charger isn’t mosting likely to do you much good if you torch your living-room.

We’re not claiming that utilizing lithium batteries threatens, mind you, simply that in some cases points can take place rather swiftly and also it’s constantly best to work out a bit of caution.


If you’re going to be consistently making use of lithium batteries, it’s a good idea to invest the additional money to get the best 18650 battery charger you can pay for as opposed to screwing about with much less advanced models. Even the pricey ones are quite cheap ultimately, and the quantity they’ll save you with soft beginnings as well as cyclic billing will certainly offset the additional batteries you ‘d have to buy within a year.

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